PBR + Arik Cannon Join Forces!

MONDO LUCHA! Favorite, Arik Cannon, has recently been named The Official Pabst Blue Ribbon Wrestler. A great personality and a great beer coming together. Cannon joins a legacy of celebrities like Bob Hope who perfectly represent the good time that is the Pabst Lifestyle.

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THANK YOU Milwaukee

Thank you again to everyone in Milwaukee who came out on Saturday night. The show was an all-time great, and we loved having fun with you. Great chatter online and Twitter blew up with MONDO LUCHA! fever and hype all weekend long. Pretty great to see.

Thank you again, ….and we’ll see you next time.

MONDO LUCHA! Sep. 11th in Milwaukee!

The term “freak show” might normally carry a negative connotation, but the masterminds behind the Mondo Lucha unapologetically embrace it. Dreamed up by two longtime wrestling fanatics, Andy Gorzalski and Jay Gilkay, Mondo Lucha is an amalgam of Mexican wrestling, sexy burlesque performances, sideshow carnival acts, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s the kind of wacked-out extravaganza that once only existed in the twisted films of Russ Meyer. Saturday’s latest installment features a typically weird combination of performers at Turner Hall Ballroom, including Milwaukee expatriate Pezzettino, who returns to town to celebrate the release of the new Lub Dub, a collaboration with LMNtlyst.

OnMilwaukee.com Gig Round up: MONDO LUCHA! & Pezzettino

Pezzettino made instant fans of us when we first heard her debut a few years ago and she honored us by gracing our third “OMCD” compilation of local music with a track from the then-forthcoming “Lion” disc.
She stayed on our radar by bringing us baked goodies and by blogging for us from the road. And, of course, by continuing to make some of the freshest, most vibrant music to emerge from Milwaukee in recent years.
When Pezzettino — aka Margaret Stutt — recorded her latest, “Lub Dub,” with LMNTylst, and promptly split for Brooklyn, we were eager to hear this potentially winning collaboration.
Milwaukee Film Festival 2010
She sent us a preview and we were instantly won over by the girl group shoo bops on “Replay,” the Slits / Tom Tom Club-esque “Cold Chick,” the spacey “Intermezzo I” and “II,” the reggae of the title track and the acoustic piano- and guitar-driven slo-jam that is “For You and Your Headaches.”
I even ponied up a very token sum via Kickstarter to help get the record made.
Now that it’s ready, you should go to the release party with Mondo Lucha at Turner Hall on Saturday, Sept. 11. You, too, will be smitted by the fun, smart, sassy, musical journey that is “Lub Dub.”
Oh, did I mention that OnMilwaukee.com’s Jason McDowell designed the sweeeet “Lub Dub” sleeve?

Showtime is 8 p.m. and tickets are $18.

-Bobby Tanzilo