Andy Gorzalski

MONDO LUCHA’s Executive Producer and founding partner since its inception in 2008. Andy has also produced broadcast television commercials for clients including The Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and ESPN.
He produced the cult, genre film, Robot Bastard! and also directed pieces for the Los Angeles Super Midnight Movie Show and Channel 101, which was an early pioneer of short form comedy videos online.

Andy was part of the team under Sony Imageworks that won an Academy Award for Visual Effects for Spiderman 2, and has contributed to a number of hit films like the Day After Tomorrow, Seabiscuit, Mr. 3000, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and The Bucket List.

Recently, Andy produced the 2009 midnight movie, Modus Operandi, which premiered at the Cinevegas Film Festival in June 2009, and was also an official selection of the American Film Institute Festival in October 2009. The film was screened at the historic Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

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