Personal Assistant To Hollywood

“Personal Assistant To Hollywood or “P.A.T.H.” is Hollywood’s delusional, bottom-feeder, “power” agent who routinely poisons MONDO LUCHA! shows with his insults and in-ring interference.
He manages a stable of MONDO LUCHA! talent which features the monstrous, title contending Russian KGBeast.
Claiming that his wrestling proteges in the ring are “Hollywood’s Next Big Thing,” he more often than not ends up in many a predicament, and has been beaten (much to the fans delight) in many feuds which have involved The BrewCity Bruiser Roller Derby team, Magician Knight Wagner, and even Arik Cannon.
Lacking fashion sense and spewing hateful, lip service to MONDO LUCHA! fans, Make sure P.A.T.H. can hear your boos or dump a beer on the back of that shiny gold jacket the next time MONDO LUCHA! is in your town.