Burlesque by Lola Van Ella

“The First Lady of Mondo Lucha,” Lola Van Ella has been with us since the beginning. Lola is an international burlesque performer, singer, emcee and all about the town kind of gal. She proudly runs The Bon-Bons Burlesque Revue and in 2009 was the 2nd Runner Up Queen of Burlesque-New Orleans Burlesque Festival. In 2008, […]

“…focused on fun.” -ConcertLiveWire.com

“It’s the antidote of the anti-climactic. The entire show is a cavalcade of younger folks fully schooled on how to entertain. That’s what I was initially struck with, that every element of the night, be it wrestlers, burlesque dancers, the creepy Elvis Clown hybrid, Maritime… all of the nights performers were focused on fun. It […]

Gravity Plays Favorites Burlesque

A MONDO LUCHA! fan favorite for all times, the 2009 New York Burlesque Festival’s winner of “Most scandalous perfomer in burlesque” GRAVITY PLAYS FAVORITES. Where burlesque was once the realm of seedy men’s clubs, Gravity Plays Favorites’ fans are just as likely to be women as men. “People want to see a real show,” Michelle […]