MONDO LUCHA! is a colorful rogue’s gallery of High Flyin’ Lucha Libre wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts, an array of sideshow performers and musical guests that have included Maritime, The Uptown Savages, Kid Millions, Clownvis Presley and The Scarring Party.
Since its debut in September of 2008, the raucous extravaganza never disappoints, and it has become a truly unique, alternative variety show that has become a fan favorite when Mondo Lucha shows up in your town.

“It’s the antidote of the anti-climactic. The entire show is a cavalcade of younger folks fully schooled on how to entertain. That’s what I was initially struck with, that every element of the night, be it wrestlers, burlesque dancers, the creepy Elvis Clown hybrid, Maritime… all of the nights performers were focused on fun. It seemed like none of them were demanding us to except what they do as art. Though it’d be hard to deny the level of “craft” in these forms.”

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