THANK YOU Milwaukee

[youtube=] Thank you again to everyone in Milwaukee who came out on Saturday night. The show was an all-time great, and we loved having fun with you. Great chatter online and Twitter blew up with MONDO LUCHA! fever and hype all weekend long. Pretty great to see. Thank you again, ….and we’ll see you next […]

MONDO LUCHA! Sep. 11th in Milwaukee!

The term “freak show” might normally carry a negative connotation, but the masterminds behind the Mondo Lucha unapologetically embrace it. Dreamed up by two longtime wrestling fanatics, Andy Gorzalski and Jay Gilkay, Mondo Lucha is an amalgam of Mexican wrestling, sexy burlesque performances, sideshow carnival acts, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s the kind of wacked-out […]

Special Musical Guests for September MONDO LUCHA! in MKE

MONDO LUCHA’s eclectic and always fun special musical guest rogue’s gallery ups the ante in Milwaukee on September 11th, as we welcome PEZZETTINO with LMNtlyst to the show ! American Indie says “Pezzettino’s Margaret Stutt is a force of nature. Her music is ethereal and haunting, bringing a fantastically different, textural sound to what is […]