THANK YOU Milwaukee

[youtube=] Thank you again to everyone in Milwaukee who came out on Saturday night. The show was an all-time great, and we loved having fun with you. Great chatter online and Twitter blew up with MONDO LUCHA! fever and hype all weekend long. Pretty great to see. Thank you again, ….and we’ll see you next […]


CINCO DE MONDO is Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 @ The Congress Theater, CHICAGO [youtube=] Cinco de Mondo is a Mexican holiday feast of vaudevillian-style entertainment, featuring a variety show of all-star attractions to excite the senses. Masked luchadores from parts unknown will display great courage and athleticism in epic acrobatic battles in the wrestling ring. […]

A monkey in a mask?

TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND joins forces with MONDO LUCHA ! Get Ready MILROCKEE faithful, a brand spanking new, *limited edition* MONDO LUCHA T-Shirt is now available. Bring the heat and bring the stuff in this mashed up homage to Milwaukee awesomeness, MONDO LUCHA and SAMSON ZOO MOLD-A-RAMA! Just like SAMSON….once they’re gone, they’re […]