The Impossible Kid meets a Gingerbread Man?

In the great tradition of entertainers like Pink Lady and Jeff, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Willie Tyler and Lester…..yes we too at MONDO LUCHA! have produced a cheesy Christmas special. The MONDO LUCHA! HOLIDAY SPECIAL was a blast in Milwaukee. Here’s a taste involving fan favorite, The Impossible Kid, having to tangle with the […]


CINCO DE MONDO is Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 @ The Congress Theater, CHICAGO [youtube=] Cinco de Mondo is a Mexican holiday feast of vaudevillian-style entertainment, featuring a variety show of all-star attractions to excite the senses. Masked luchadores from parts unknown will display great courage and athleticism in epic acrobatic battles in the wrestling ring. […]

Personal Assistant To Hollywood

“Personal Assistant To Hollywood or “P.A.T.H.” is Hollywood’s delusional, bottom-feeder, “power” agent who routinely poisons MONDO LUCHA! shows with his insults and in-ring interference. He manages a stable of MONDO LUCHA! talent which features the monstrous, title contending Russian KGBeast. Claiming that his wrestling proteges in the ring are “Hollywood’s Next Big Thing,” he more […]