Gravity Plays Favorites Burlesque

A MONDO LUCHA! fan favorite for all times, the 2009 New York Burlesque Festival’s winner of “Most scandalous perfomer in burlesque” GRAVITY PLAYS FAVORITES. Where burlesque was once the realm of seedy men’s clubs, Gravity Plays Favorites’ fans are just as likely to be women as men. “People want to see a real show,” Michelle […]

Personal Assistant To Hollywood

“Personal Assistant To Hollywood or “P.A.T.H.” is Hollywood’s delusional, bottom-feeder, “power” agent who routinely poisons MONDO LUCHA! shows with his insults and in-ring interference. He manages a stable of MONDO LUCHA! talent which features the monstrous, title contending Russian KGBeast. Claiming that his wrestling proteges in the ring are “Hollywood’s Next Big Thing,” he more […]

The Osirian Portal

[youtube=] Some Holiday Specials would feature the Three Wisemen or a Baby Jesus. MONDO LUCHA’s HOLIDAY SPECIAL involves two, breakdancing, masked wrestlers, from Ancient Egypt. Our holiday gift to you…..THE OSIRIAN PORTAL. Amasis and Ophidian Can’t wait to meet Milwaukee on NOV. 27th!

The Odd Couple: Maritime & MONDO LUCHA! speaks with MONDO LUCHA! special musical guest, Maritime. “…we really liked MONDO LUCHA! because they approached it like they were going to showcase what Milwaukee has to offer. More of a blend of a lot of things instead of a lot of specific things. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an extravaganza […]

Jay Gilkay

MONDO LUCHA’s Head Booker, Executive Producer, Sparkplug, and founding partner since its inception in 2008. In addition to serving as the master of ceremonies for MONDO LUCHA’s live extravaganzas, Jay fronted the seminal 90’s Milwaukee punk band, Evel, and is a world renown expert of the film Superfuzz. He has one of the Midwest’s largest […]

Andy Gorzalski

MONDO LUCHA’s Executive Producer and founding partner since its inception in 2008. Andy has also produced broadcast television commercials for clients including The Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and ESPN. He produced the cult, genre film, Robot Bastard! and also directed pieces for the Los Angeles Super Midnight Movie Show and Channel 101, which was […]