THANK YOU Milwaukee

[youtube=] Thank you again to everyone in Milwaukee who came out on Saturday night. The show was an all-time great, and we loved having fun with you. Great chatter online and Twitter blew up with MONDO LUCHA! fever and hype all weekend long. Pretty great to see. Thank you again, ….and we’ll see you next […]

MONDO LUCHA! Cinco De Mondo Highlight Video from Chicago!

[youtube=] “Good, weird, times. Featuring masked luchadores, titillating burlesque acts, music from The Del Morroccos and a variety of freaky surprises, Mondo was a must for anyone with a strong taste for odd entertainment.” -TIMEOUT CHICAGO Here’s a rocking, rolling MONDO LUCHA! music video from our Cinco De Mayo spectacular, ‘CINCO DE MONDO” at The […]

The Impossible Kid meets a Gingerbread Man?

In the great tradition of entertainers like Pink Lady and Jeff, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Willie Tyler and Lester…..yes we too at MONDO LUCHA! have produced a cheesy Christmas special. The MONDO LUCHA! HOLIDAY SPECIAL was a blast in Milwaukee. Here’s a taste involving fan favorite, The Impossible Kid, having to tangle with the […]

Personal Assistant To Hollywood

“Personal Assistant To Hollywood or “P.A.T.H.” is Hollywood’s delusional, bottom-feeder, “power” agent who routinely poisons MONDO LUCHA! shows with his insults and in-ring interference. He manages a stable of MONDO LUCHA! talent which features the monstrous, title contending Russian KGBeast. Claiming that his wrestling proteges in the ring are “Hollywood’s Next Big Thing,” he more […]

The Osirian Portal

[youtube=] Some Holiday Specials would feature the Three Wisemen or a Baby Jesus. MONDO LUCHA’s HOLIDAY SPECIAL involves two, breakdancing, masked wrestlers, from Ancient Egypt. Our holiday gift to you…..THE OSIRIAN PORTAL. Amasis and Ophidian Can’t wait to meet Milwaukee on NOV. 27th!