“…focused on fun.” -ConcertLiveWire.com

“It’s the antidote of the anti-climactic. The entire show is a cavalcade of younger folks fully schooled on how to entertain. That’s what I was initially struck with, that every element of the night, be it wrestlers, burlesque dancers, the creepy Elvis Clown hybrid, Maritime… all of the nights performers were focused on fun. It […]

“We kind of envisioned it like watching the ‘Donny & Marie Show’ …on acid.”

“…..the Mondo Lucha Variety Show — at Turner Hall Ballroom at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27 — draws inspiration from performance art’s strange, seedy past with enough retro kitsch to fill a historic ballroom. It takes the art of Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling, the sass of burlesque and the curious intrigue of carnival freak […]